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Fresh Milk

We are now selling fresh, organic, un-homogenised milk from our vending machine, currently sited at the entrance to Fir Farm in Lower Swell.

The milk comes from our Red poll cows. These are a rare, hardy, dual purpose breed that are great at producing milk from forage and nothing else. Dual purpose means the male calves can be fattened on and make excellent quality beef. This land is farmed in a regenerative, organic way. This means we are working with nature to produce the best tasting sustainable products. There are no artificial fertilisers, no pesticides or herbicides and we try to minimalize the use of antibiotics (last year we didn’t use any in the dairy herd).

What 3 Words /// scrum.chairing.milk will take you to the farm track entrance.

This whole milk is kept as pure as possible. We do this by:

  • Batch pasteurising; this is done daily and on farm at a lower temperature for a longer time to preserve the milk’s flavour
  • keeping the milk un-homogenised; this means the milk will settle out like it should do, it will just need a shake in the bottle before use.
  • making it non standardised; this means the milks components (protein, fats and sugars) will subtly vary throughout the year.

For all enquiries, please click here to contact us.

NEW: Small 250ml milk bottles are now available, perfect for B&B’s and hotels.

Small 250ml milk bottles now available

Frozen Produce

At Fir Farm we are currently undergoing some exciting changes to our farming system, we are introducing some new breeds, developing new products and exploring ideas for how we can sell to our customers.

Our new ‘smart’ vending machine is now up and running. Offering a selection of organic pasture fed beef and pork products including rump and sirloin steaks, pork sausages, bacon and mince. We also have venison burgers and organic ice cream for sale.

Currently only able to accept card payments, the machine allows customers to manually pick and select the size/weight of product they desire before payment is taken. For any cash customers, products can be pre-ordered from the Fir Farm office.

About our meats

Our mixed farming method means we have a wide range of meats throughout the year, including Red Poll beef and British Saddleback pork. All our animals are born, reared and slaughtered on site at our mobile abattoir, meaning the food we are producing has zero food miles. Find out more about our pasture-fed and native-breed livestock here.

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