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Ethically and sustainably reared

As you might expect from our farming practices, Fir Farm’s meat is of outstanding quality. Our livestock enjoy a 100% pasture fed diet (beware of ‘grass fed’ labels – they do not necessarily mean 100% grass fed and this makes a big difference to the meat’s health benefits). This results in naturally healthier, great-tasting meat.

Whether it’s the marbling of our rib eye steaks from our Firbosa Hereford Herd, a boneless shoulder of pork from our British Saddlebacks or the deep yellow yolks from our free-range hens, the proof of our commitment to quality is in the eating.

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Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon is the perfect winter warmer dish.  Made with shin of beef, comforting, slow cooked and full of flavour. Serves 6…

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