Fir Farm’s poly tunnel is providing year round growing space for native breed trees, plants and hedges as well as fruit and vegetables.

Jon Heath, Fir Farm’s Head Gardener, has been growing organic plants and vegetables for most of his life. In October 2022, he was able to take this to a whole new level with the completion of a Keder Greenhouse in a corner of Fir Farm land. Its purpose? Simply to grow a plentiful supply of native breed trees, plants, hedges and food for the farm and beyond and where possible, avoid buying seedlings altogether.

The extremely durable, cellular clad greenhouse is divided into several distinct areas, whose temperatures and humidity can all be carefully controlled and monitored depending on the species being grown. Three tonnes of home-grown compost provided top dressing for the beds. Vegetables and salad plants are prioritised with a view to prolong their growing season. Bedding plants and flowers are also grown for the farm as well as neighbouring estates. Jon is hoping that any excess plants can be sold locally alongside the Fir Farm milk.

Next to the greenhouse, a standing out area provides space for young saplings to acclimatise.

An enormous 7,500 litre rainwater harvesting tank (which would not look out of place in an art gallery) was installed next to the greenhouse, which enables fresh rainwater to be used to irrigate the structure.

Water tank to harvest rain for irrigation
7,500 litre rainwater harvesting tank

If you would like to know more information about this project, please do contact us here.

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