Herefords are low-maintenance cattle which enjoy foraging on the diverse pasture which is their healthiest, most natural diet. They calve easily compared with most other breeds and are known for their fertility, growth and quality of meat.

We place a big emphasis on the health of the cattle. This is maintained without routine medication – and with remarkably little medication overall – primarily via mob grazing and other natural, organic techniques which combine to create a high welfare, healthy animals.

The Firbosa Herefords enjoy an excellent reputation and go to other pedigree breeders in the UK, Ireland and France. We also sell to commercial breeders looking for healthy, robust animals which have learnt to graze effectively and thrive on organic, low input systems.

Our famed Firbosa Herd of pedigree Hereford cattle is in the top 5% of breeding cattle herds in the UK. Our insistence on a 100% pasture fed herd produces incredible, high quality and distinctly tasty, marbled beef.


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We have a number of yearling Heifers for sale.

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