Pasture & woodland lovers

Traditional, self-reliant breeds

Our Wiltshire Horn and other rare breeds love grazing young woodlands, as well as tracks and pastures across the farm.

They help maintain the condition of our pastures by thinning out the undergrowth in our woodland areas which reduces mowing requirements and our fossil fuel usage.

A traditional native breed, known for the full flavour of their meat, Wiltshires are also naturally good at looking after themselves. They give birth easily and lambs are born with a thick coat to protect them from the elements. When adult, they develop a thick, warming fleece in preparation for winter, then shed it naturally in spring. This is healthier for them and avoids the costs and risks of shearing and dipping. More information on Wiltshire Horn sheep can be found on the website of the society of the breed, here.

We also have other rare breeds in order to help maintain and protect them, including Norfolk Horn, Shetland, Kerry Hill and White Faced Dartmoor and some recently acquired Hebrideans. These also produce very good quality meat.