Hereford Cattle

Hereford Cattle

A prime herd producing quality beef

Our Herefords graze only on diverse, organic pasture. This is healthier for them and produces delicious, nutrient-dense meat.

Our Herefords spend their time grazing a diverse mix of plants and moving across the farm helping to regenerate our soils. They move on to fresh grass every day for as long as possible during the year. As ruminants, they are not designed to eat grain but rather to graze, forage and convert that forage into protein. When these animals are fed a forage-only diet they provide much healthier meat for the consumer. Ruminants raised this way have been shown to contain higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids, beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Our Firbosa Hereford herd is recognised throughout the farming industry and is in the top 5% of breeding beef cattle herds in the UK. All of our cattle are named and we have many years of history. Our committment to a 100% pasture-fed herd produces incredible high-quality, distinctive tasting marbled beef. 100% pasture fed beef is in growing demand both within the UK and throughout the rest of the world.

To choose our suckler herd, we first bought a 14 month old Ruby Red Devon and a 14 month old Polled Hereford steer. We grazed them over the summer at Fir Farm and then had a blind taste testing. The Hereford came out top, hence we now have over 200 pedigree Hereford polled cattle on the farm.

We initially bought the Bosa herd, which was founded in 1981 by Gerald Blandford and was beef suckler herd of the year 2012. We went to buy 20 suckler cows from him and during our visit he announced that he was going to retire and would we like to buy the whole herd. So our five year plan of growing from 20 cows to 80 cows happened in about four hours!

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