Free range and unconfined

Living on pasture in ‘egg mobiles’

Our chickens are all free range and live out on pasture.

We have designed and built two ‘egg mobiles’ as inspired by Joel Salatin, the cult American livestock farmer. This is a mobile chicken shed which can be moved from one pasture to another. The door opens automatically, powered by a solar panel and battery. The hens are not confined and are allowed to peck and scratch where they choose.

Unlike ruminants, chickens have evolved to consume grains. Our chickens are fed home grown barley, oats and triticale, as well as mealworms which are grown on the farm.

The egg mobile allows us to move the chickens in a rotation after the cows. They are also effective muck spreaders scattering the cow pats and eating worms and bugs, which helps to reduce parasites in our pastures.

We are rearing Cotswold Legbars, Maran Crosses and Dorkings to produce an all-purpose chicken which both lays a number of good quality eggs and is a good eating bird.

The eggs are sold at the end of the farm drive to local customers and are in high demand.